Embedded Systems Engineering Services

Our clients are typically startup or R&D companies with an electronic system idea that requires expert Embedded Systems Engineers to design, so that they do not need to setup Systems Engineering Team which is expensive, time-consuming and requires years of experience.

Whereas hiring an already trained and experienced Embedded Systems Engineering team in nowadays global world is an optimal option for companies growth, and with Mutex Embedded Solutions, you can benefit from the following:

Embedded Software

We specialize in Embedded Microcontroller Software development with our own Embedded Software Framework that we developed over years, with well-tested libraries, drivers and design patterns.

PCB and Hardware

PCB Design is another key area of our expertise, we design PCBs for MCUs, LCDs, Memories, Sensors, Motors, Communication devices and more. We have helped delivering many products to the market.

Panel & Enclosure

We design panels with keypads and LCD displays for the User Interface. We also provide enclosure design service including ready-made, plastic molding and aluminum enclosures.