About Us

Hi, I'm Mohamed Yaqoob

Embedded Systems Engineer


I have completed a degree in Systems and Control Engineering BEng at The University of Sheffield, UK. My passion for Embedded Systems started with the year placement I did at an Engineering Company called TBG Solutions Ltd.

Right after I graduated in 2017, I started learning about Embedded Systems seriously on my own time and soon started working for clients as a freelancer. And in a short period of time, I started getting hired by companies around the world to help with their Embedded Software and Hardware development. I now have accumulated significant amount of experience and a large collection of libraries, software applications and design patterns.

With my YouTube channel, I found myself making a great impact on Embedded Software Students and Engineers around the world. I am now dedicating a significant amount of my time to providing formal trainings in Embedded Systems by sharing my experience and knowledge.

Meet The Team

Mohamed Yaqoob

Embedded Systems Engineer

Roohalla Alekri

Computer Systems Engineer