Mutex Embedded Solutions

Embedded Systems Engineering

We are dedicated to the Design and Development of Embedded Systems Solutions including Software, Hardware, Electrical and Enclosures.  We have our own Embedded Software framework that we developed over years of our experience, with a large collection of well-tested and proven libraries, drivers, design patterns, state-machines, GUI libraries, RTOS, Signal processing, Control algorithms and more.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software design and development in C with a Microcontroller. Software is developed using our own Embedded C Framework.

PCB Design

PCB Design with a variety of features such as LCDs, RAM, Motor, Keypad, Sensors, Communication and more. 


We take the PCB design further and design enclosure for the circuit boards and panels with keypad and LCD display.

Have an Electronic system idea ?

Our clients are typically startup or R&D companies with an electronic system idea that requires expert Embedded Systems Engineers to implement, so that they do not need to setup Systems Engineering Team which is expensive, time-consuming and requires years of training.

Whereas hiring an already trained and experienced Embedded Systems Engineering team in nowadays global world is the most optimal option for companies growth. Mutex Embedded Solutions team will design and develop your system while taking care of all the technical parts such as the following:

Control Algorithms

Hardware Components

PCB Design

Embedded Software

Git Repository

LCD GUI Design


Lab Testing

Enclosure Design

Electrical Wiring