YouTube Tutorials

We share many tutorials on YouTube about a variety of topic in Embedded Software including MCU specific, drivers, middleware and applications. We are constantly making new tutorials, find the currently available tutorials below

STM32F4 Discovery Board Basics

This tutorials series covers the basics of programming on the STM32F4 Discovery board. The videos were made to cover the basics of a range of topics, from simple blinking LED to connecting the board to an LCD or an SD card.

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STM32 - Nucleo Tutorials

This short tutorials series focuses on the STM32 Nucleo board and shows how to make use of its basic interfaces, including: LEDs, buttons, ADC, DAC, and communication interfaces.

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Embedded C Programming Style

This series goes through the main guidelines that should be followed when writing code, specifically C code for embedded systems. This includes topics like naming rules, spacing, and IDE settings.

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