STM32 Getting Started - Level 2: HAL Library


STM32 HAL Library Programming is fully exploring HAL API without the help of CubeMX, extremely important skill.

Includes 13 hrs of video that cover the following topics:

  • STM32 Programming Fundamentals
  • HAL Library programming
  • Minimum STM32 Project setup
  • Printf Terminal
  • Digital I/O
  • 4-digits display
  • Analog Inputs ADC - All common modes
  • Serial Communication UART
  • I2C interface
  • SPI interface
  • TIM - PWM Output
  • TIM - Encoder Mode
  • TIM - Output Compare
  • External Interrupt
  • RTC - Realtime Clock
  • CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Checksum
  • Low Power Modes - Sleep, Stop and Standby
  • FLASH programming
  • SD Card File System
  • USB MSC Device - SD Card
  • FreeRTOS Setup


Getting Started Level 1


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Includes 13 hrs of video
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The STM32F1 Getting Started – HAL course aims at exploring the HAL library in depth without the use of CubeMX for code generation to make student or engineers appreciate and understand the peripherals configuration process and structure within the HAL library. The ability to generate initialization code manually using HAL library directly is very useful skill in the toolset of Embedded Engineers and Students, Complex STM32 Projects are often built without CubeMX. It is the professional STM32 programmer’s choice in industry, especially for large software projects where complex middleware needs to be integrated that CubeMX does not support.

STM32F1 Starter Kit

The STM32F1 Starter Kit includes all the necessary hardware components and modules used at this tutorial. It is made in large quantities and ships to all over the world within 10-15 days. The kit can be purchased on AliExpress on the following link.

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